Sunday, July 30, 2006

CAT Fundaes

A few pointers for stuff just before/during the exam and beyond for CAt 06 people:

0. Reach exam hall early and enjoy the sight of the students who are doing last minute revisions. Don't get nervous when you see other people study but give them a healthy smile
Don't be nervous when you se hoardes of students. Half of them have filled the form because their parents filled it and another 25% filled the form because their peers filled it, so just to be a part of peer group, he/she filled the form! Remember for a given AIR, more the no of students appearing for the exam, better will be your %ile

1. You have done really well throughout the season. So there is no reason why you should not do well in this paper. So keep this thought in mind to overcome anxiety before exam. Don't overhype the paper, just enjoy the 150 minutes process , n you will be thru!

2. With approx 1.9 lakh students, the best way to remove milk from water is to change pattern.So just keep that in mind. Be prepared to get surprised if the pattern does not change Don't get psyched out by change in pattern. There are enough other aspirants who are going to do that! You need not join that group. So at time t=0 , itself you may assume that approx 5-10% people will get psyched out! Good for you!

3. When you get the paper, certianly there will be butterflies in the stomach, there have to be! Else consult a good psychologist. The target is to drive away these butterflies as fast as you can!So spend initial 10-20 seconds on scanning the paper, go thorough the pages, see how many questions are to be solved, check whether the paper has a few DI sets, a few RCs , check whether the paper is in English langugage. This will help you to drive away the anxiety and it will assure you of the fact that similar DI sets , RCs have been done by you over the mocks. And this is something which is not in greek n latin and hence no need to be nervous!

4. The next anxiety barrier will be broken ,when you get the answer of the 1st problem that you are solving. So don't spend too much time on solving 1st problem. Scan the questions to find the sitter and just DO it When you get the answer and you find that it is one of the options, butterflies are driven out!

5. With the anxiety bubble being burst, you will fully forget the hype of 1.9 Lakh students n blah blah You will be back in your tempo.Keep doing micro-time management using alarm in your watch i.e. after every 15 minutes, do review approx how many questions you have done. This will make sure that you don't lose track of time in the heat of exam!Just give the exam for 150 minutes in your ususal form and you will be thru!

6. It is very difficult to predict cutoffs on D-day ,so don't worry if some insti comes up with EU cutoff =22 and you ve got 18 marks as it happened in CAT05!So don't base your performance on these cutoffs. FYI EU cutoff was 13 marks last year!

7. There will be a void in your life after CAT.In case you have no more exams , there will be nothing to do! So do all those things that you missed because of busy mock Sundays.

8. Be patient about results. They will come , don't worry.Plz don't spend unncessary time, looking at IIM websites and hitting Refresh Refresh and hoping that a link for result will be out up. IIMs are not stcokmarkets, plz spare them IIMs will convey you when the results will be out. Don't waste your time about speculating !

All the best! Tumhein Jeet ki dua!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Agony and Ecstacy (in some order)

We had section party today! The tradition here in IIML is every section has party once every month. The basic importance is that you meet all the people in your class in an informal atmosphere. So this is quite an unique experience as you see the guy who answers every alternate question in the class dancing to the tunes of *Summer of 69*
Got royal bumps as all July birthdays were celbrated together :(

The other day, a sequence of events took place which were quite coincidental.

I was reading a friend's blog whose Father had just passed away.And he had posted the entry titled *My Father's last letter to me* .The letter was quite touching!

I received an inland letter from my Mother. My Mother prefers snailmail to e-mail.

21:30 (I may sound a bit self-flattering, but can't help!)
I tried calling up my parents at Mumbai but I got *network problem* message on mobile

One of my friends told me told me that one of her friends was very unlucky. His parent died in a mishap.

And at this point a shivering went through my body, somehow all events seemed to be related to each other. I just couldn't gather enough courage to tell my friend that I am worried :(
It was one of those incidents when the words are at the tip of your toungue, but emotions drink them.

Talked to people at home.

oops!.Sorry for missing an important entry in the sequence:

1825:Mumbai bombblasts

My heart goes to all those who sufferred in Mumbai blasts and kudos to the spirit of this lovely city!

Where do we go now?

Waiting for laptop bulk deal stuff to come!
Till then Jai Computer Centre :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Creative n' Astute?

With due respect to all the CAs!
This is the joke that we came up with in the class!

Background: Out of 7 subjects that we've, 4 subjects have been studied by CAs formally!

CA to Engineer: Mere pass Law hai, mere pass stats hai, mere pass Accounting hai, mere pass Eco hai..Tumhare pass kya hai?

Engineer: Mere pass dimag hai! :

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Miles to go before I sleep!

7 different subjects.. 7 different project groups..Life@ 7th gear
The only thing that I am trying is to sleep enough!(Sometimes in class on first bench!)

Blog Update will take a while!

Sleep Time: 6 hours

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Of Balancing Life, Work and Balance Sheets

First week of formal classes is over!
The study-enjoyment timetable of body is yet to settle down As the initial days were spent in gauging the potential of various activities.
THe first 3 days were spent at pool table, a running round of IIML , TV Room and TT Table. One day I went to library (by mistake) and found people digging their heads deep in the books. SO the next 2 days were spent in the library pretending to study hard.
I was amazed by the study capabilities of some people! Some of them visit their hostel room just for sleeping and natural stuff! Good show guys!

Now the realization has dawned up that *All work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy * And vice versa!
I want to get a life! I have been doing only study or only enjoyment till date.There has to be some golden mean between enjoyment and study.Afterall after passing out from the college, when we meet after a few years, all we remember is how we had a night-out for drama practise, how fierce were we in sports and stuff like that. Nobody hardly knows about that extra hour that they spent in the library trying to remember an extra equation in the textbook. I want to set up the equation of my body right!

So will be begininng the next week with crossed fingers and balanced equations!

Oops... Project partner called... Assets are more than liabilities. The balance sheet given in the assignment is not getting balanced. Afterall who said that only life-work gets unbalanced?

Sleep Time: 7 1/2 hrs

Friday, July 07, 2006

A People's Republic!

I am a great fan of psychology ,body language and watching people. So IIM Lucknow has offerred me an altogether different platform for watching people. After all , with jargons like *diversity *, *work-ex* et al, I felt that I will be meeting a wide repertoire of people!
Everyday in mess, hostel,library, I have been meeting different kinds of people. Some honest, some cunning, some are really studious, some are perspicacious :D
Only 1 week or so has passed and somehow some initial impressions have started forming.
Some of them have disappointed me. I have been really enamoured by some of them. Some are really focussed. Some are studying hard. Some hardly study.
There is a genuine difference from people at IITB (Sem 1) and IIML (term 1) though. I met a lot of *namoonahs* at IITB, the creed which specializes in * We study a lot and still want to portray us as the ones who don't study*.
To support their cause, these people used to lock their hostel rooms from outside and they used to study in their locked rooms. So that nobody knows that they are studying !
Some of them used to study in cellphone light with lights off in the hostel room , just to give others' the feeling that they are sleeping!

In IIML, atleast people are studying openly and not *chup chup ke*..Well ab tak atleast :)!

Another *Big * Chapter begins

I am a 1st year PGP student at IIM Lucknow.
This blog will more or less focus on windings and unwindings about life at IIM Lucknow.
Every Tom,Dink and Harry who aspires to be MBA has a lustful eye on that earth-shattering I-Banking salary. Hence the blog name !
DO I really belong to the heard of *fin chaprasis* or not?
Well ,only the time will tell.Till then keep your eyes on this space.

Sleep Time: 6 1/2 Hours
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