Friday, May 30, 2008

Deutsche Bahn Revisited!

The story is not mine, but surely worth reading!
It is about a boy named Harbhajan* from yet another IIM on exchange program in European Business School, Germany . He was travelling by Deutsche Bahn (German railway) from Frankfurt to Cologne for the first-time ever with 5 of us (Not the 1st time travellers).
On the way, the train stopped at one station.
One of us (To Harbhajan): Which station is it?
Harbhajan: Ausgang**
All of us: ROTFL.
*:Name changed for the sake of privacy
**: Ausgang= Exit in German

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The rise and fall of Mumbai Indians!

A lot has been written and more trees wil be cut to describe Mumbai Indians' choking skills. So lemme add a few electrons as well :)
The biggest reason in my opinion i that Sachin should be stripped of captaincy. He is bringing lethargic thinking and subdued mindset to the team. Bring back Pollock as captain.
Mumbai lost 3 matches in last over:
Reasons are plenty: bad fielding, useless batting!
But the most glaring reason is the GOD's captaincy:
1. vs KXIP:
a. Bowled 2 of the most a$$-hole spinners with 4 overs each.
b. Underbowled Jayasuriya and Dwayne Smith
.c. Gave last over to Nehra when Pollock had 1.
2. vs DD
a. Over-relying on D Kulkarni and Sanath.
b. What was S Chitnis-the specialist offspinner doing in team? Chosen for batting?
3. vs RR
His mistake has been so obvious that even a 9-year neighbour told me about it during the match. Every TDH who was watching the match knew that 19th over should be given to Dilhara and 20th to Nehra. Nehra had bowled an awesome 18th over (Really unfortunate to go for cheeky boundaries of yorkers).But the incharge was not TDH but The apple of every woman's eye, the pride of india: Mr. SRT. An over to Raje: A guy who hasn't played a single First class match. When you have a clear cut example of: The wilting of young D Kulkarni in DD match under pressure.
Ofcourse he had choices of Jayasuriya and D Smith.But ok,that can be forgiven. Because at the bottom of the heart, we know that this *pearl in India's feather* can't think laterally like S Warne.
In the end Tendlya has thoroughly proved that forget MI, he is not worth captaining his Mohalla team. He is a good batsman, he takes stunning catches once in a while, But he can never be a good leader. He can clear CAT, he will never clear PI for a leadership course He can dig Mt. Everest but he can never lead a team to dig Mt. Annamalai.
All in all, Tendlya has put himself in fray for Man of Series award. Maybe Tanvir and Watson need to do a lot of hardwork to clinch the award from him.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The India Tour

April was quite hectic for me! Did a 20-day India tour, started in Mumbai and ended up in Mumbai and travelled approx 10000 km in the mean time! I will come up with posts detailing my experiences very soon.
Anyway here is the path:
Mumbai > Hampi > Bangalore> Cochi > Alleppy> Changnacherry > Munnar> Chennai > PortBlair > Kolkata > NJP > Darjiling > Gangtok > NJP> Kolkata > Mumbai
Met Indian navy guys in Cochin, met India army guys on India-China border near Gangtok and in the mean time, found many interesting facts.
So here are some of them:
1. In Hampi, tourist guides may not know Hindi but they know Spanish and German!
2. Hampi is full of excavations and still going on! One month ago, they found 32 kg gold at a depth 4 inches beneath the everyday walking road.
3. In Kerala, marriages take 1 hour flat. The people and bride-bridegroom arrive at marriage hall at 1030 am, the marriage is over by 1130 am. Then the lunch starts and gets over by 230 pm and people leave marriage hall.
4. In Maharashtra and most of the places, bride’s Mother cries after marriage. In Kerala, she laughs. 
5. In Andaman and Nicobar, you have only 1 zone for cars. So all car plates are: AN 01
6. Andaman & Nicobar is more nearer to Thailand than India
7. On NJP- Kolkata highway, the state police get into the bus and shoot each person’s face with video camera! Anti-terrorism eh?
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