Thursday, January 10, 2008

It Happens Only in Germany!

Take a simple task like throwing a used tea bag.
What will an average Indian person do? He will throw it on the road... Well, don't jump upon me, I said average Indian (If you happen to throw it in dustbin, then be sure that you are above average)

What will an average American do? He will throw the teabag in dustbin.

What will an average German do?
He will think for 2 minutes before throwing the teabag. Well, now something has struck into his mind. Hold your breath! He will tear the teabag and take out the wet tea powder. He will tear off the stapler and remove the cardboard paper displaying the brand name and the string.
Now he will throw wet tea powder in a dustbin marked *Biodegradable but not recyclable*
He will throw the stapler in a dustbin marked *Non-biodegradable*
And he will throw the string, the cardboard paper and the teabag paper in a dustbin marked *Biodegradable and Recyclable*
It Happens Only in Germany!!!
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