Tuesday, September 09, 2008

TIme Flies..

Exactly 1 year ago, I was rummaging through the lanes of Hattenheim, Germany to find a house.
The housing department at my German university had done screw up and they gave me an unfurnished house. The wonderful owner took it as his responsibility and toiled very hard to give me a liveable room and offered me at very low rent. :)

And in the mean time, I discussed with my room partner that * Life straight forward hota hai to majja nahi aata, there should be topsy-turvey turns.* while munching over bread-butter.

Danke Frau Berg und Her Statzner for making my stay memorable! {Bold part is in English because my German is not very good}

It has been 365 days almost (Sorry 366: Leap year, too trained on this thing :now that I have had prepared for CAT), it feels like yesterday!
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